Saturday, October 16, 2010

The End

PICTURES on Marina's blog (the turtle chasing one :D)

Flying back to the States in a few days. I'm anxious. Not sure why. Haven't really stopped to think why.

Starting a new life perhaps? Stepping back into reality? Having to be an adult again?

Korea has been fun (obviously seen from the lack of posts)! I've seen and done lots. Of everything though, I've really enjoyed getting to know my relatives. They're the part of my parents that I didn't see or understand before. In getting to know them, I'm unexpectedly getting to know my parents a little better.

But, let's be honest. Gloria LOVES food. Korea has EXCEDED my expectation. The most delicious food I've had came not from restaurants, but my aunt's very own kitchen. I could seriously live off her kimchi jigae (kimchi stew) and rice forever. While it's a simple dish, no two kimchi jigaes taste alike. My aunt's cooking makes a glutton out of me...more so than before :P

Alas, my ticket for Wednesday reminds me that my extended vacation is coming to an end. America, America. Here I come, whether I'm ready or not.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Just ate so much food...can't walk...yummm...

I finally had KIMCHI too! Kimchi, my friend, it's been too long.

Marina: I need to find something faster than dial up to get you your pictures. I'll see if my cousins have faster internet.
Sister: We talk about you a lot :D

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Too Lazy

Check Marina's blog (first one on the list of blogs to the right) for our trip to the Great Wall. Amazing place!

Having fun in Shanghai! Korea on Friday!

Could it be so close to the end of my trip? [shock]

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beijing is HUGE

Ni hao, everyone!

Just flew into Beijing today. Because M & I are on a budget, we took a shuttle bus, the subway, and walked to get to our hostel. A nice American we met on the plane also joined us on our non-taxi way of getting around. It was quite the adventure trying to figure out how to get to where we wanted. Luckily, Chinese people in Beijing are so incredibly kind and helpful! Two strangers stopped to help the (obviously) lost foreigners.

It's cold(er) here! The clothes in my backpack are mostly (really all) summer wear. I had goosebumps walking to dinner! Not sure what I'm going to do since I'm sure Korea will be the same. I might need to extend the budget to get some warmer things.

Dinner of dumplings was DELICIOUS! The menu was all in Chinese with some English words here and there. M & I ordered a plate of "donkey" dumplings and "gnuit" dumplings. Not sure what they were exactly, but they were yummy! I suppose I can claim that I've had "donkey". For dessert we got "candied apples" (apples encased in some kind of dough, deep fried, melted sugar drizzled on top and in which you dropped each ball into a bowl of cold water to crystallize the sugar) and burned out tongues. Worth it :D

We have several days in Beijing. Excited!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last Days of Vietnam

We had thought that 2 weeks in Vietnam would be sufficient, but it's required us to spend a LOT of time physically traveling from one place to another. Despite the sore muscles (particularly in the behind area), it's been a good trip.

From HCMC/Saigon, we went to Mui Ne, a little beach town.

From Mui Ne, we went to Da Lat, a beautiful mountain town (a nightmare to get to with winding roads and crazy bumps) where we saw a lake and waterfall (after an alpine slide ride down) and DELICIOUS food.

From Da Lat, we went to Nha Trang, a large beach town with a beautiful ocean view. We did some some sea kayaking there. Kayaking in the South China Sea in the rain was rather fun...especially when kayaking to an island!

From Nha Trang, we took a train to Da Nang and then a bus to Hoi An. Hoi An is a small place that's famous for it's tailor-made clothing and a couple of good dishes (loved "White Rose", meat in rice paper that's twirled to look like flowers and then dipped in fish sauce). We did a day trip to some ruins at My Son ("me-son" meaning beautiful mountain). Most of it was literally in ruin after the Vietnam war bombings though.

From Hoi An, we took a bus to Da Nang and then a train to Hanoi (where we currently are). The train ride, while long, had some pretty scenery. The stretch from Da Nang to Hue has the most beautiful train scenery I've ever seen. It has almost everything: mountains, rivers, jungle, the sea, HUGE boulders, stretches of beach, hills of uninhibited land.

Currently, we're in Hanoi. We're planning on taking a boat trip to Halong Bay tomorrow and the next day. After that: CHINA!

This is a rushed entry; and again, an entry without pictures (boo). But, it's time to head toward the nearby lake in Hanoi and do what M & I do best: walk aimlessly about, discovering delicious places to eat :)